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More about the disaster

Lower Manhattan, as you might expect, is a disaster area. The two plane crashes affected primarily the World Trade Center. The collapsing south tower affected the immediate neighborhood. But the collapsing north tower sent a cloud of smoke and dust that has completely enveloped lower Manhattan and has yet to clear about four hours later. Many rescue personnel were trapped by that collapse. People in downtown Brooklyn are having breathing problems.

Here in the middle of Manhattan island, things are not so bad. The dust and smoke hasn’t come this far, but phone service (and, therefore, most e-mail) has been very intermittent. Long distance has been almost nonexistent. If you don’t hear from or can’t get through to someone, that doesn’t necessarily indicate anything.

Transportation is also very spotty. All bridges and tunnels are closed. Ferries are being used primarily as ambulances. Subway service is minimal, and there is no service into Manhattan. There is also no train service into Manhattan.

I can sometimes make local calls, so, if anyone wants me to try to relay a message, e-mail me at <>. I may not be able to respond by phone, so be sure to include your e-mail.

For what it’s worth, the primary election was suspended all over New York State.

Don’t assume the worst, and please carry on with your normal routines. If we don’t carry on, the terrorists win.

TTFN, Mark