Schubin Chronicles

Another New York Update

Most things are getting back to normal. Traffic was allowed into Manhattan today, so I got both today’s New York Times and yesterday’s. Most stores are open. Theaters are opening tonight. The smoke plume seems to be blowing out to sea again.

On the other hand, some subway service is worse. Reports as to why vary. Some say the tunnels are flooded from the huge amounts of fire-extinguishing water; others say it’s because the vibrations could knock down other damaged buildings.

A large part of the facade of the American Express building collapsed today. It’s in the World Financial Center, across a very broad thoroughfare from the World Trade Center. Other buildings are leaning. Laser systems have been set up to provide alarms if they tilt enough to endanger the rescue workers, a difficult proposition, because most of those buildings were built to sway in the wind.

In most ways, New Yorkers are still being wonderful: plenty of blood, plenty of volunteers, etc. But there was a large number of bomb threats today, causing evacuations at LaGuardia Airport, Grand Central Terminal, the General Post Office, etc.

As for me, I still have no outbound long distance, but now I can leave the island with the knowledge that I’ll be allowed back. Alas, the airline situation prevents me from attending IBC.

The ecumenical memorial event will be on PBS and NPR 5-6:30 on Sunday, but I don’t yet know the content or which stations will carry it.