Schubin Chronicles

The last word

New York is a village. I sometimes see a customer discover at a cash register that he or she doesn’t have enough money for a purchase, promise to pay later, and get an okay to take the goods from a shopkeeper who has never seen the person before.

One day this week, I bought a newspaper from a store whose only worker was busy. The customer behind me took my dollar and gave me change, then left his money on the counter and followed me out.

Soon it will snow, allowing New Yorkers to push strangers’ cars out of icy ruts in which they’re stuck. Until then, alternate-side-of-the-street parking regulations have gone back into effect.

New York is also the source of global news these days. I learned today from a British newspaper I was checking online that someone a mile from me had contracted anthrax. You can all find out the big stories here without getting them from me.

There was a request today to clear ITS Mail for relevant messages. Thirty-one days is probably enough. Thank you for reading these. It has been useful to me to get them out.

If any of you want unusual tourist/restaurant info, feel free to contact me off the list. New York is still fun and delicious!

A crew member I hadn’t worked with since September 10 told me today that the terrorists had won because he was terrified. But he had come to the show ready to work. They haven’t won.

TTFN, Mark