JVC Professional Products
Company, announced the availability of its proprietary 3-chip D-ILA
projection systems with choice of digital video processors from Faroujda, DVDO
and Silicon Optix.

The DLA-HD10K features native
1920x1080p resolution with optional processors from Faroujda, DVDO and Silicon
Optix. All projectors come with choice of long and short throw lens. The long
throw has a lens throw distance of 2 3.8:1, which accommodates placement of
the projector at the back of the theater. A short throw model that has a lens
throw distance of 1.5 2.0:1, which enables the projector to be used for CRT
replacement or even rear screen applications. The DLA-HD2K also features native
1920x1080p resolution with choice of all three processors, excluding long and
short throw lens option.

We offer a very competitive
and affordable D-ILA projector line-up, said Carl Mandlebaum, national
marketing manager, display products, JVC Professional Products Company. JVC s
goal is to provide the most flexible and reliable projection systems that is
required by specialty distributors and custom installation dealers. Offering
three different video processors is an example of how we are dedicated to
providing high quality and affordable projectors that are easy to install and
use, and fit a variety of applications.

Faroujda video processor
features motion adaptive deinterlacing with DCDi (Directional Correlational
Deinterlacing) video technologies that produce exceptional image quality by
eliminating staircasing or jagged edge artifacts.

A/V media processor features ABT s Precision Video Scaling technology that can
independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to achieve outstanding
picture quality for today s high resolution video displays.

Silicon Optix processor features one trillion-operations-per-second HQV
processing engine. HQV video engine encompasses true 10-bit video processing,
full four-field, pixel-based, motion-adaptive video deinterlacing for both SD
and HD signals.

JVC s D-ILA projectors
utilize non-moving mirror reflective technology to produce smooth,
film-like image quality, which boast vibrant color and incredible detail as
seen on big-screen Hollywood films.

All JVC projectors feature
standard D65 color temperature that ensures accurate color reproduction of
video or film originated programming and have low operation costs. Its
user replaceable lamp lasts 2,000 hours and costs less than $500 far less
than competing models.