Mets Billy Wagner Postseason Blog on

The world’s leading interactive celebrity blog portal, announced
that NY Mets reliever Billy Wagner will give daily blog updates on the site.

Though the capture of the National
League East division title is a big moment for Wagner and his
teammates, it is just the first of many stops along the way as the Mets
move toward their ultimate goal – winning the 2006 World Series. For
many of the NY Mets players including such veterans as Paul Lo Duca
and Carlos Delgado reaching the postseason will be a first-time
experience and
will be there every step of the way offering a behind the scene look
from the eyes and ears of Billy Wagner who will be blogging on the
daily happenings of the NY Mets in the postseason. “This is a very exciting time for us and I’d like to share it directly with the fans,” said NY Met Billy Wagner. “My posts on
will give fans an all access pass to the energy, fears, emotions,
thoughts, drive, hunger and the ups and the downs in the clubhouse that
you may not witness at the stadium or on TV.” “This is a great
opportunity for Billy to not just report the scores and stats but to
try to tell what happened before, during and after the games, fans
want to get to know the players that made it happen and have a front
row seat to the game’s action,” said
co-founder Burton Rocks. “Fans now have one place to go to get the
inside story and we’re delighted to help make that possible with
Billy’s enthusiastic participation.”