Telecast supports Ross Video openGear platform

Ross Video and Telecast Fiber Systems have partnered to expand the openGear terminal equipment platform, an open-architecture, 2RU modular frame designed to accommodate up to 10 cards.

A wide variety of cards are available from terminal equipment vendors supporting the openGear platform allowing facilities the freedom and flexibility to choose the best technology for their particular applications. Customers are no longer locked into one manufacturer’s frame standard and modules for their terminal equipment solutions. openGear also provides the platform with a control system that allows quick and easy monitoring and control of frames and modules on the network.

“openGear frames and supporting cards manufactured by other openGear members give us the ability to offer more complete turnkey solutions and enable our customers to build their projects within a single frame standard,” said Richard Cerny, President of Telecast Fiber Systems. “The concept behind openGear adds value to the work we do for clients, and we’re pleased to be a participating company.”

“We are thrilled Telecast has joined the openGear partnership,” said Eric Goodmurphy, Marketing Product Manager, RossGear. “Telecast along with all openGear partners offer customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the best terminal equipment solution.”