NFL Network uses VoiceOne s Click-to-Call Technology for largest promotional campaign

VoiceOne Communications, LLC, a subsidiary of VoIP, Inc, announced that it
is providing its patented Click-to-Call technology to power what could be the
largest Click-to-Call promotional campaign ever developed, for the NFL Network,
the first 24-hour, seven-day-a-week television network dedicated solely to the
NFL. The overall campaign was created by the NFL Network s ad agency Media
Storm, which incorporates VoiceOne s Click-to-Call Voice over IP (VoIP)
technology, created and patented by VoIP, Inc.

The Click-To-Call portion of the promotional campaign, scheduled to begin
Monday, Oct. 30, makes it easy for viewers to sign up for the NFL Network on
DirecTV, DISH Network or Verizon s FiOS TV service. Consumers can simply click
on one of the NFL Network banner ads that will be placed on various sites,
including DirecTV, DISH, Verizon, Yahoo! and CBS Sportsline, or directly at, and immediately receive a call from the service provider
of their choice. VoiceOne will receive a fee each time a user clicks on the
banner ad and uses the company s technology to place a call.

Click-to-Call is becoming the new wave of directional media marketing,
predicted by The Kelsey Group to reach $119.8 billion globally in 2010, and
this promotion marks the first campaign of this magnitude to use Click-to-Call
technology, said Shawn Lewis, VoIP, Inc. s Chief Technology Officer. Our
patented Click-to-Call technology provides an easy, reliable mechanism to drive
traffic, create awareness and help fulfill the NFL Network s goal of increasing

For pro football enthusiasts in some markets, the new online campaign using
Voice One levels the playing field by making it easier to get the NFL Network,
said Craig Woerz, managing partner of Media Storm LLC. “It’s like playing
hurry up offense with no timeouts. Click on the DISH/DIRECT ad, punch in your
telephone number and in a snap you are called to get connected to the NFL
Network. It’s that easy.”

VoiceOne is steadily building its base of commercial customers for its
Click-to-Call technology. In December 2005, VoIP, Inc. filed its 8K indicating
its selection as Google s VoIP provider for its Click-to-Call product
offerings, and has continued to increase its market presence by adding such
clients as Varitalk LLC for a promotional campaign for the new season of America s Next
Top Model on the CW Network. This Internet and phone marketing campaign
powered by VoiceOne allows fans to send and receive personalized phone messages
from Trya Banks, the show s star. VoiceOne also worked with Varitalk on the
successful Snakes on a Plane phone campaign that featured the voice of Samuel
L. Jackson.

Click-to-Call technology is becoming increasingly popular with marketers
and advertisers for campaigns that are easy to execute and measure, build buzz
and yield identifiable results, Lewis added. We offer a reliable and proven
Click-to-Call platform and we re seeing growing demand for our technology from
a variety of companies.