British Gymnastics hits broadband via Narrowstep

The British Gymnastics Association and Sportsgate Ltd. has chosen Narrowstep’s proprietary technology medium, telvOS, to launch their broadband TV channel British Gymnastics TV will provide live coverage of some of the most respected events in the U.K., making them available to the huge fan base that follows this Olympic sport, as well as developing a full schedule of programs specifically for gymnastics enthusiasts.
Narrowstep’s telvOS (television operating system) already powers Sail TV, Martial Arts TV, Cycling TV, and Field Hockey TV, in addition to non-sports channels such as ITV Local and London TV, to name a few.
British Gymnastics TV launched with the Men’s British Masters, broadcast directly to the internet from the north-west of England yesterday. More live events will follow on the 11th and 25th of November and the channel will broadcast many live events every year. British Gymnastics TV is a unique edition to Narrowstep’s impressive portfolio of sports-related channels.
Steve Beaumont, CEO of Narrowstep Inc. says, “Gymnastics is one of many sports turning to the internet to reach its fans. While mainstream channels are restricted in what they can broadcast because of their obligation to cater for mass audiences, online channels can adapt their output to be as specific as they like. This, coupled with the undeniable value for money offered by TV over IP, is resulting in a boom in sports channels across the internet.”
Alan Sommerville, CEO of the British Gymnastics Association adds, “British Gymnastics is extremely excited with this new initiative, where BGtv is to become the central plank of our corporate communications policy, to deliver information, news, reviews, interviews and cover domestic and international events wherever we can secure rights. BGtv created considerable interest at the World Congress of the Federation of International Gymnastics in Geneva, when I announced it this week, many of the International Federations expressed a desire to become subscribers.”
Bill Colley, Chairman CEO of Sportsgate Ltd adds, “Sportsgate works with many sport Governing Bodies bringing them affordable use of new technology to protect and maximise revenue from information and image rights. We provide sport GB’s these services to give better value to members. Narrowstep’s high quality TV and operating system lets sports control delivery of image rights and re-invest the value. This is why we choose Narrowstep as our Broadband provider to offer affordable broadcasting to all our sports. Together we will increase the number of single and multi-sport channels.”
TV over IP channels are a growing proposition in many countries, including the UK, the USA and Germany, and are finding markets hungry for the new platform. Narrowstep’s telvOS system provides the backbone for TV over IP for 100+ channels, representing niche market interest groups ranging from entertainment, tourism, sports, and local broadcasters who want to expand their market and remove geographical boundaries to broadcasting.