NASCAR reups with Sportvision through 2011

Sportvision has reupped its deal with NASCAR through 2011, guaranteeing that NASCAR viewers will continue to be treated to the wealth of on-screen data pumped to the screen via the RACEf/x System. The new five-year extension to its original six-year partnership calls for Sportvision to be the exclusive car tracking technology system for NASCAR-sanctioned races through 2011.

Over the past six years, Sportvision has provided NASCAR and its television and new media partners with unique and exceptional broadcast and content enhancements, said Dick Glover, Vice President, Broadcasting and New Media for NASCAR. The future looks even brighter, and Sportvision will undoubtedly continue to help influence and improve how our fans consume NASCAR on television, the Internet and other interactive mediums.

The RACEf/x System uses patented technology and GPS satellites to track all 43 cars traveling 200 MPH — five times per second — creating a complete digital record of the race in real-time. This enables NASCAR s television partners to integrate live position and performance data into the broadcast via an array of visual effects including pointers, arrows, bubbles and more, enabling viewers to easily identify their favorite drivers and monitor their performance.

Sportvision s impact on NASCAR has transcended beyond the broadcast, as the company s unique ability to create new media content, from the digital record of the event, has driven the growth of popular applications on the Internet, pay-per-view and wireless devices. Specific to the Internet, these applications allow fans to customize their race experience online while watching the race action in parallel on their television screen. The on-board GPS system captures all car positioning and telemetry information and delivers it to TrackPass on and TrackPass To Go for wireless providers. Fans can follow their favorite driver from green flag to checkered flag with real-time information on every car, including position, speed, relation to the leader (shown in both time-off leader and expressed visually on a track map), brake, throttle, and RPM.

NASCAR s growth over the last six years has been unbelievable, and we are excited to extend our agreement while continuing to develop the next generation of interactive NASCAR offerings across many platforms, said Hank Adams, CEO, Sportvision, Inc.

Adams adds, Sportvision has continuously worked to enhance the race fan s experience through the development of new technologies. This five-year extension will bring pioneering new developments — starting as early as 2007 — that will provide fans with a much richer NASCAR experience.