Daktronics rolls out ProPitch display technology

Daktronics has expanded its line of full-color, LED products with a new technology called ProPitch that is designed specifically for soccer/football perimeter applications. According to John Mette, Manager of Daktronics operations in Europe, ProPitch technology is available in a variety of pixel configurations, from 12.5 millimeter (.49”) center-to-center line spacing and greater. Each is designed as a sectional display system that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Lightweight sections can be locked together in seconds and require only a single connection for signal and a single connection for power. Customers can purchase a single section or multiple sections to extend around the entire perimeter of the pitch. The technology also offers the ability to stack sections vertically into a more traditional video screen aspect ratio.
Daktronics says the technology provides great image reproduction for television broadcasts and wide angle viewing for fans. Each of the ProPitch options are calibrated for daylight visibility at 6,000 nits (adjustable for other light levels) with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. A unique, proprietary display face helps diffuse ambient light. Synchronized image refresh and 50 or 60 frames per second image reproduction rates ensure excellent reproduction on televised broadcasts. As camera positions may vary, ProPitch technology features adjustable rear support stands to tilt the display to the ideal angle for maximum visibility.

Because player and spectator safety is paramount, Daktronics has designed several safety features into the technology. On certain models, specially designed rubberized molding is incorporated into the front of the display sections, eliminating protruding elements, reducing the risk of injury to players and providing additional protection for the LEDs. ProPitch technology has hinged sections that open freely with minimal force, and can be flipped over on its face if necessary, preventing the displays from acting as a fixed obstacle. Daktronics also offers pneumatic drop-down systems that lower each section into a trench.