Troika Design splits uprights for NFL Network Total Access

By Andrew Lippe

Troika Design Group tapped into its understanding of the NFL fan when it helped redesign logos and animations for the NFL Network daily news and information show “NFL Total Access.” Total Access operated by the National Football League aired every Monday through Saturday at 7 p.m. ET this past season.

“We understand the psychology of the NFL fan,” says Kristen Olsen, executive producer at Troika Design Group. Troika is no stranger to the sports spectrum. One of their previous projects was the rebranding of the famous trademark animation for ESPN’s SportsCenter. Also this past year they produced the design language for “NBC’s Football Night in America.”

“We know how dedicated NFL fans they are, we know because we are sports fans too,” adds Olsen.

NFL Total Access graphics were produced in 1080i HD using Apple Final Cut Pro HD software. The main graphic for the show is a three dimensional-rectangle with the words “Total Access” encased inside it in white letters. “NFL” is shaded in dark red.

To create the eye-popping 3-D graphics they used Maxon Cinema 4D. “3D graphics especially in HD can be extremely time consuming,” says Olsen. Though difficult to produce the results are clearly effective.

“The integration of Troika logos helped the redesigning of the entire NFL Network,” says Olsen.” Other Software used by Troika includes Adobe After Effects 6.5, Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and Apple xSan server. Apple Mac G 5 was the hardware platform.

“Viewers are responding in a huge way and Troika’s redesign effort has really strengthened the overall presentation of the show,” adds Judy Fearing, Senior VP Marketing, NFL Network.