Letter to SVG: Props to the whole Fox Crew

Dear SVG
I read your article about audio at the Fiesta Bowl and you know, while it’s nice to give the audio guys some Kudo’s for their fine work (Hail to Kevin McCloskey, our terrific A-1), how bout giving the whole Fox technical crew a little bit of credit for putting together a 28 camera show (plus pregame/1/2 time cameras) in 2 days?

I was the Senior Video person on the Fiesta and Championship Games, and worked on the Sugar Bowl as well. The job that everyone did on the Fiesta Bowl to make it one of the best sports broadcasts of all time was nothing short of phenomenal.

Just as a reference point, the NFC Championship game taking place this weekend in Chicago is a layover from last week, with some additional cameras and tape machines, etc… added from last week’s Divisional game. While there are plenty of resets to do on camera and audio equipment, etc… from last week, the crew was given 3-4 days of set-up time for this show that will be substantially smaller equipment wise than the Fiesta or BCS Championship Bowls. We put the Fiesta Bowl together in 2 set days! What’s more, the pre-game truck packed up and left right after the Fiesta Bowl and was replaced with another truck for the Championship game meaning a full reset for those involved in the Studio show for the Championship game.

As you know, both games went off without a technical hitch! Thank’s to the Mike Burks/ Rich Russo NFL core crew and all those others who helped us pull it off. I couldn’t be prouder of the people I work with.

Sincerely, Rob Levy