MobileAccess covers Ford Field, U. of Phoenix Stadium

MobileAccess Networks, an enterprise wireless innovator, announced today the installation of its Universal Wireless Network at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, and at University of Phoenix Stadium, the new home of the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona. With these deployments, MobileAccess has solidified its position as the premier platform provider of seamless, multi-service wireless solutions for large-scale sporting venues.

Large sports stadiums are built with heavy construction materials that can impede the flow of radio frequency (RF) signals, significantly degrading the wireless voice and data services that originate from outside or inside the facility. The resulting effect is that wireless coverage is weak or simply unavailable in many areas of these large venues, depriving staff, media, vendors and first responders from the wireless communications they depend on. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network was developed to overcome these coverage issues, providing a single wireless infrastructure that can support multiple wireless services, applications and devices, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate future wireless requirements.

With the deployments at Ford Field and University of Phoenix Stadium, MobileAccess has now installed its Universal Wireless Network at four Super Bowl stadiums: Reliant Park in Houston, Texas, prior to Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004; ALLTEL Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, prior to Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005; at Ford Field prior to Super Bowl XL in 2006; and at University of Phoenix Stadium where it will be leveraged for Super Bowl XLII in 2008. Following the Super Bowls, the MobileAccess infrastructure remains in place, delivering continued benefits for players, staff, fans and the media at future NFL games and other large-scale events held at the stadiums.

At Ford Field, facility managers selected Gulf Coast Real Estate Consultants, LLC, to design and install an integrated, multi-carrier wireless infrastructure similar to systems they deployed at ALLTEL Stadium and Reliant Park for the two previous Super Bowls. Gulf Coast selected the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network as the technology solution of choice based on its unique capabilities and proven success in the previous Super Bowl deployments. The MobileAccess solution provides seamless wireless connectivity throughout the 1.3 million square foot stadium, ensuring that the thousands of fans, media, facility staff, vendors and event personnel can use their wireless devices, such as Verizon and Sprint cellular phones, BlackBerry devices, WLAN-enabled laptops, PDAs, pagers and two-way radios anywhere during events like Super Bowl XL.

“As host to Super Bowl XL and multiple large events throughout the year, Ford Field and Gulf Coast wanted to deploy a wireless infrastructure able to handle the high-capacity requirements and reliable communications demands of these world-class events,” said Julio Dumas of Gulf Coast Real Estate Consultants. “Along with the event staff, which depends on wireless connectivity for safety and communications, attendees expect reliable service throughout the stadium. MobileAccess has demonstrated time and time again to us and to the NFL that the Universal Wireless Network can support the multiple wireless services needed for an event of this scale and that capacity crowds, media and staff are able to stay reliably connected no matter where they are in Ford Field.”

The new University of Phoenix Stadium encompasses 1.7 million square feet and is expected to host more than 1 million visitors in its first year. As part of the Arizona Cardinal’s commitment to deliver a state-of-the-art, first class experience for everyone involved in events at the stadium, the team turned to Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI), a leading in-building wireless solutions provider, for an infrastructure that enables players, staff, media and fans to use their cell phones and other wireless devices throughout the facility.

CSI selected the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network, which offered the perfect fit for a project of this scope and magnitude, and installed the system during stadium construction to significantly improve communication and public safety for stadium visitors and employees. With MobileAccess, the Arizona Cardinals are able to ensure reliable wireless coverage for Alltel, Sprint/Nextel, Cingular, Verizon and T-Mobile services, and provide WLAN connectivity and improved reception for radio systems utilized by public safety officials. In addition, with the modularity of the MobileAccess system, the stadium can easily and cost-effectively scale to add new services and future applications without additional wiring or disruption of either stadium operations or the existing wireless systems.

“Wireless is quickly becoming a must-have technology for sports facilities,” said Cathy Zatloukal, president and CEO of MobileAccess Networks. “The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network delivers a permanent and scalable infrastructure that enables venues like Ford Field and University of Phoenix Stadium to satisfy current and future wireless demands for events like the Super Bowl without creating financial and operational inefficiencies. Together with our partners, we have proven our expertise in deploying wireless solutions for large venues, providing them a competitive advantage in terms of attracting big events and enabling all constituents to access wireless voice and data services anywhere, at anytime throughout the facilities.”