ViewCast enables multiple encoder monitoring, control via IP

ViewCast is helping sportscasters who need to control and monitor multiple encoders over an IP network a new option courtesy of the Niagara SCX Pro With MPEG-4. The Niagara SCX Pro software allows users to control and monitor multiple encoders over an IP Network from a single interface and adds the ability of MPEG-4/H.264 and H.263 live streaming encoding. With SCX Pro, users can set up and control encoders throughout an enterprise or over the Internet with a single interface, eliminating the need for multiple products, such as Windows Media Encoder, RealProducer, or Helix Mobile Producer to control and monitor the encoding process. SCX Pro features the same live streaming encoding abilities for the Windows Media and RealVideo formats as the SCX Basic version, while adding MPEG-4/H.264 and H.263 format capability.

Also new is Niagara 7224, an integrated, turnkey 2U rack-mount systems for real-time encoding of video and audio content. This eight-channel analog system was designed specifically to enable organizations, such as municipal transit authorities, to deliver live traffic video to public service agencies and local residents over the Internet in Windows Media and RealVideo formats using industry-standard IP technology. This powerful solution features two Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors and two Osprey-440 video capture cards.