Viewpoint taps NBA arcade games for Fox Sports Net branding

By Andrew Lippe

When Viewpoint Creative designed and created the new branding package for Fox Sports Net’s coverage of the current 2006-07 NBA season they developed a unique concept. They centered the graphics on the classic ‘pop and shoot’ basketball arcade games from the 1950s and 1960s.

We developed a concept that we feel resonates with the hardcore basketball fans, said Michael Middeleer, Viewpoint Creative Director. The graphics were integrated into customizable spots highlighting upcoming games. These spots are shown on all 15 regional Fox Sports networks.

Fox Sports wanted a creative and original idea. They wanted to avoid basketball clich s. It had to have an organic feel, something that really tied in with people s gut reaction to the game, said Joseph Kiely Viewpoint Creative Director. That meant constructing from scratch a real pop and shoot arcade game set.

The spots begins with a hand starting the game followed by a long, tracking camera shot revealing a retro looking stadium in a basketball arcade game environment. It is then a player dunks the ball through the basketball hoop inscribed with the FSN logo. There is also a jumbo-tron which shows real game footage.

We filmed a shoot where the ball is actually launched out of a hole, said Kiely.
The dunks were filmed using Super 16 cameras.
Those graphics were tracked and broken up into pieces to FOX who sends them to their different regions, said Kiely.

Viewpoint s
design package can be customized for each team.
The star player s on the team can be inputted easily. In the game they look like their profiles were painted onto the walls. Team logos can be substituted also quite easily. The networks can really sell local hometown flavor.

It captures another age of basketball. It truly brings back memories and emotions of childhood, said Middeleer. Viewpoint has incorporated old school NBA nostalgia with new school graphics. Viewpoint is currently working on a project with MLB. They are developing a concept that captures the core spirit of

America s favorite pastime.