Harris fibers NBA All-Star telecast

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) high-definition broadcast of the 56th NBA All-Star game on February 18 from Las Vegas was powered by a fiber optic HDTV solution from Harris Corporation.

The solution used for the NBA All-Star Game featured Harris Corporation’s OPTO+ fiber optic line’s unique Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer modular products, along with the Harris CCS Navigator control and monitoring application running remotely over an IP network. Path redundancy was provided by the OPTO+ wideband optical splitter and protection switch, which enables significantly enhanced reliability during mission-critical events such as the live transmission of the NBA All-Star game.

During the All-Star Game, the NBA used the OPTO+ fiber optic solution to carry high-definition signals over a five-mile distance from courtside to the field production facility, where post production was performed before the signal was uplinked to the main NBA distribution point.

OPTO+, a full range of fiber products in the Harris 6800+ modular core processing platform, delivers high-quality, easy-to-use fiber solutions in a minimal amount of space. Designed for high-end, multichannel transport of video in fiber applications, the OPTO+ line includes auto-sensing HD/SD/ASI transmitters and receivers and a complete offering of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer modular products.