Ross Video adds 5 production switcher models

Ross Video today
announced the introduction of 5 new production switchers at NAB 2007.
The Vision Series is Ross’ next generation multi-definition production
switcher, handling standard and high-definition formats. The 5 new
ranging from 1 to 4 M/Es, include: the Vision 1 MD, Vision 2 MD,
Vision 2 MD-X, Vision 3 MD-X and Vision 4 MD-X.

Building on over
30 years experience in production switchers, the Vision control
panel incorporates a number of new concepts.

Vision is highly modular and all models share a common platform and common
set of modules.

The use of RGB buttons results in a stunning new look and allows personalization of the Vision control panel. Vision
offers a new DualDisplay™ color touch screen

allowing the operator to view and
control two menus simultaneously. A long list of other enhancements
including built-in manuals, Linux based OS, button bumps

and integration with the OverDrive
control system makes the Vision control panel the most advanced on the
market. Leveraging over 1 Million lines of Synergy Series software, the
Vision Series has a head start with a well developed feature set and a
full complement of device control options.

Vision Production Features

AuxKeys mixing and keying on aux bus
outputs Proc Amps for quick video fixes and adjustments

Color Correctors
enabling creative color adjustments

Squeeze & Tease

MLE Store Still

Media Cache
Animation Playout

UltraChrome High
End Chroma Keyer

Up to 96

to 48


SD/HD on the fly conversion system

Built-in Hard
Drive for storage of configuration settings, memories, stills and

Preview Overlay
head’s up display


incorporated considerable customer input
into Vision,”

said David Ross, CEO, Ross Video.

We continue to push the state of the art and we’re

looking forward
to unveiling Vision at NAB 2007.”

The Ross line now
includes 20 different models of production switchers. Ross

continues to
offer the Synergy SD (standard definition) and Synergy MD
(multi-definition) production switchers along with the new Vision
Series. A path for existing Synergy SD and MD customers to move to the
Vision platform is available.