Avid Liquid Chrome Xe unveiled with uncompressed HD support

Avid Liquid Chrome
Xe is the newest member of the Avid Liquid family. With support for the
AJA XENA LHe board, the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system offers customers a
powerful, low-cost SDI I/O option and support for uncompressed SD and HD
video formats. Avid also announced version 7.2 software for all products
in the Avid Liquid family, adding support for a variety of new camera
formats from JVC, Panasonic, and Canon, as well as 24p support for JVC
cameras. Using Avid Liquid products, videographers can create and output
high-quality SD and HD video productions in a variety of formats for
tape, DVD, the Web, cell phones, iPods, and PlayStation

Portable (PSP) devices.

“Many of my colleagues have switched or added
Avid Liquid to their arsenal of editing apps. The price and the workflow
are just too good to overlook, especially when working with JVC Pro HD,

said Stephen Noe, owner of szn89productions, an independent production
company based in Chicago.
“With the new
capabilities of Avid Liquid Chrome Xe, I can produce HD material and
easily transfer it to HDCAM, while also previewing it in real time. My
customers have been astounded at the high quality and the trouble-free
editing I can do while they are there with me. I can make changes to the
timeline in real time and play out sequences for their review right then
and there. It’s great, and saves a lot of time for me

and money for them.

The Avid Liquid Chrome Xe System

The Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system is software that works in conjunction
with the AJA XENA LHe board. After installing the AJA XENA LHe board
with the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe software, customers can easily work on
uncompressed HD video projects. The Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system also
offers a wide range of I/O capabilities including SD and HD analog and
SDI I/O; analog composite/component video I/O; 10-bit broadcast-quality
hardware HD to SD down conversion; TBC via analog inputs; analog and
digital stereo audio I/O; 2-channel analog audio I/O; and 2-channel AES,
and 8-channel embedded audio. Users can also preview their projects in
real time from the timeline on an external monitor in HD.

“Videographers have long sought a
low-cost/high-performance solution that would allow them to use a great
editor like Avid Liquid to capture, edit and playback uncompressed HD or
SD video or audio in real time,
” said Thad
Huston, Windows Desktop product manager for AJA.
new support for our XENA LHe board, we
been able to give Avid Liquid users a way to do that. We
excited to work with Avid to continue to deliver on the needs of video

Enhancements to the Entire Avid Liquid Family with Version 7.2

Version 7.2 of Avid Liquid software offers a number of enhancements to
the entire product family, including Avid Liquid

a software-only editing package; Avid Liquid Pro

the Avid Liquid software bundled with a USB-connected analog SD breakout
box; and the new Avid Liquid Chrome Xe system.

Each Avid Liquid software package combines video, audio, DVD, and
effects creation in a single application, supports a variety of new
camera formats and equips users with enhanced secondary color
correction, multi-cam support for up to 16 cameras, multiple streams of
HDV in real time and Avid
’s industry standard
Open Timeline for editing and playing back different formats and
resolutions in real-time.

New enhancements to Avid Liquid v.7.2 software include:

— Improved HD workflow capabilities, via new video format support,


— JVC HDV 720 24p/25p/60p – from the GY-HD 100 and 200 series
of cameras, including native capture, editing and play back;

— Panasonic DVCPRO HD. Users can import via P2 and edit
material in 1080 interlaced and progressive formats; and,

— Canon 1080 24F/25F/30F capture from the XL H1 camera;
(supports four channels of audio).

— Big Splash CD now standard, with three additional content creation

applications, including:

— Title Deko(R) Pro, Hollywood FX Pro, and Magic Bullet Movie

“With support for the AJA board and an
expanded array of cameras and formats, we
truly enhancing the openness of Avid Liquid as well as the entire media
production experience for our users,
” said
Hans Venmans, worldwide product marketing manager for Avid Liquid.
Avid Liquid product family can meet the needs of a diverse range of
customers, from the serious event videographer who wants to work with a
variety of native HD formats down to the independent producer looking to
output creative work to a portable device like a PSP. With a range of
flexible configurations, the Avid Liquid family meets the needs of any
type of videographer.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing for the Avid Liquid family of products begins at $499 USMSRP for
Avid Liquid software. Avid Liquid Pro software with the analog SD
breakout box is priced at $999 USMSRP. Pricing for the Avid Liquid
Chrome Xe system requires two components: the Avid Liquid Chrome Xe
software for $999 USMSRP, and the AJA XENA board

sold separately from AJA
– for $1,790 USMSRP.
All Avid Liquid configurations can be purchased through any Avid Liquid
dealer. All configurations are expected to be available in Q2 2007.