Gepco Introduced Video Snake technology at NAB 2007

Gepco International,

manufacturer of professional audio and video cables, introduced the

CTS4504HDX, a four-channel, heavy-duty
Cat5 snake at NAB 2007. The first of its kind, the CTS4504HDX is an ideal
solution for applications that require multiple or redundant channels of Cat5
cables in remote production or staging applications.

CTS4504HDX consists of four elements of Gepco’s CT504HDX heavy duty, four-pair
Cat5 UTP cables under an overall jacket. Each element features 24 gage,
solid copper conductors and a unique inner belt that preserves the critical
pair spacing and geometry. For added strength and diameter, each
four-pair UTP element has a second TPE jacket which is color coded for easy
identification. The outer jacket is also constructed from a rugged TPE
compound for exceptional durability and flexibility in hostile environments.

Each Cat5
four-pair UTP element can be terminated with either standard Cat5 RJ45
connectors or the ruggedized Neutrik EtherCon connectors.

“With the
introduction of the CTS4504HDX, we’re bringing our CT504 series into a unique,
multi-element, multi-pair type cable construction,” explains Scott Fehl,
Gepco’s products development manager. “This new design brings new interconnect
possibilities to the mobile production and event staging industries that have
increasing need of Cat5 cabling solutions for audio, video, and data formats.”

As of
March 2007, all HD coax cables manufactured by

Gepco are being swept test to 4.5GHz. This includes all HD
coax cables the company manufactures, from the miniature coax to its full-size
models, including the industry standard VSD2001 and VPM2000.

The change
is in preparation for future digital video standards such as SMPTE-424M.
Under this proposed standard, coax interconnects would require 4.5 GHz of
bandwidth for the transmission of 3Gbs 1080p HD digital video. Sweep
testing to 4.5GHz will ensure that all of Gepco’s HD cables are compatible with
future standards.

future HD standards on the horizon, manufacturers need to be ahead of changes
in industry requirements,” says Gepco founder and CEO/CTO Gary Geppert.
“By updating our manufacturing specifications, broadcasters can continue to
utilize Gepco cables and be confident that their interconnect infrastructure
will be compatible with current and future HD requirements.”

Gepco International,

introduced the

VS57000 a five-channel
RG7 High Definition Video Snake at NAB 2007. Designed to provide
multi-channel transmission of serial digital, uncompressed HD video over long
distances, the

VS57000 is ideal
for mobile production and staging applications.

Each coax
element in the VS57000 is constructed from Gepco’s VHD7000 16 gage High
Definition coax, which features a gas–injected foam polyethylene dielectric and
a 3GHz bandwidth. For broadband noise rejection, the cable is shielded
with both a tinned copper braid and foil shield. To ensure long
performance life and flexibility in varying conditions, the VS57000 is jacketed
with a rugged TPE compound.

“As mobile
productions continue to expand and evolve, broadcasters require longer
interconnects for HD video that can perform in a variety of conditions,” says
Scott Fehl, Gepco’s products development manager. “Combined with its rugged
construction, the VS57000 provides lower attenuation over longer runs than the
RG6 or the RG59 snakes, making it a great choice for mobile applications.”