XOS Technologies Empowers Sports Organizations with New Social Media Platform

Technologies, Inc. announced that it has tapped into white-label community
platforms, a widely neglected segment of online social media, and has debuted
XOS Community to offer business groups from any industry the ability to create
and manage customized broadband communities.

developed its community platform to help businesses foster significant
relationships between their management teams, their brands and their
constituents by leveraging the rapidly growing social media phenomena.

other social networking sites, XOS Community isn’t merely an operating
application – it’s designed as a solution to help businesses meet their goals
of reaching, relating to and monetizing a broader target audience.

Communities have a clearly defined infrastructure that enhances community
dynamics,” said Kim Matlock, XOS vice president of Community. “Also, XOS
Communities deliver a user-friendly platform that engages members in self-expression
and interaction. At the same time, XOS Community includes reporting and
analysis tools to monitor community growth, member interactions and the meaning
behind these metrics. That’s extremely valuable information that business
owners can examine closely to boost online marketing initiatives.”

Community consists of the following features:

Complete, customized control of members’ functionality

Registration Wizard

Extensive content management – Review, monitor and delete community
activity (blogging, video and photo)

Ranking, rating and reward rules

Customizable privacy rules to govern the community

Subscription management

Gadget management – Flexibility in adding new features

Comprehensive community reporting

XOS provides community platforms for several global businesses in the music, gaming
and professional sports industries, but has not disclosed specific names at
this time. Each XOS Community reflects the individual business’ brand and is
linked in through the XOS-branded community, UltraFan (www.UltraFan.com). XOS
positioned UltraFan as a main portal so that members can efficiently toggle
between each of their personal profiles in every community.

“With the launch of XOS Community, social media
users can expect to see an even bigger explosion of growth online,” Matlock
said. “We’ve had tremendous interest from some of the world’s leading companies
in a wide variety of industries and we’re excited to move forward with our
newest venture.”