The MasterCard Memorial Cup Tournament on INSINC

Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and Interactive Netcasting Systems Inc. (INSINC) announced plans to broadcast the entire 2007 MasterCard Memorial Cup via
the Internet live on a pay-per-view (PPV) broadband basis.

Fans that are not able to watch the television broadcast on RSN or RDS will be
able to watch the Championship through this unique partnership.

Feeds will be supplied courtesy of RSN & RDS making games available with
both English & French commentary. French commentary will be unavailable for
the May 21st & 23rd broadcasts.

All games will be available live on a PPV basis for $6.95 and fans will also
have the ability to watch archived games for $3.95.

This program gives fans, as well as the family and friends of players the opportunity
to watch the event no matter where they are in the world.