C-COR intros first 1 GHz EdgeQAM device for hybrid fiber/coax networks

C-COR Incorporated is introducing the CHP eQAM, the industry’s first 1GHz
EdgeQAM device. This high-density and energy-efficient EdgeQAM helps to
future-proof HFC access networks by enabling efficient delivery of on
demand and switched digital video (SDV) services. C-COR’s new EdgeQAM
is a module for the popular CHP Max5000(tm) Headend Platform, allowing
it to be installed alongside transmitters in the same CHP chassis.
This novel approach greatly simplifies headend cabling and provides
user-friendly configuration management.

EdgeQAMs are the linchpin of switched video, which
promises to revolutionize digital cable, making possible the delivery
of virtually unlimited programming over existing HFC networks. As cable
operators prepare for the coming wave of video services, C-COR’s eQAM
significantly accelerates the operators’ return on investment through
several important technological advances:

– A high density design
capable of supporting of 120 QAM channels in a compact two rack unit
configuration that maximizes space in headend and hub facilities;

– A greater than 40 percent improvement per year in power consumption compared to other EdgeQAM devices;

– Associated savings in headend cooling costs resulting from the improved power efficiency; and

– 1GHz capability to allow the greatest possible flexibility in narrowcast network design.

trials have already been scheduled with two major North American MSOs
with initial commercial availability expected in September 2007.

customers are aggressively pursuing new ways to expand the capacity of
their networks while needing a way to simplify the installation
process,” said Bill Dawson, Vice President, Access Strategy, C-COR.
“The new C-COR eQAM reduces power consumption and space demands in
facilities that are already crowded. It allows operators to mix and
match EdgeQAM devices and transmitters for the same service group,
side-by-side and with the same management system.”