signs Agreements with Three Top College Fan Sites

Sites Representing The University of Florida, The University of Oklahoma and The University of Southern California Begin Affiliation with

ESPN has entered a cross-promotional and content integration agreement with three of the top college-affiliated fan Web sites in the

United States –

University of


University of

Oklahoma’s and

University of

Southern California’s

These sites will continue to produce daily updates featuring the latest football and basketball news related to their respective teams and will incorporate player ratings and other analysis within their sites.

Similar to’s recently announced affiliation with Ohio State fan site, users who currently subscribe to premium services on these sites will instantly become members of’s premium subscription service, ESPN Insider, which features in-depth analysis, statistical breakdowns, and professional-level information.

These users will also receive a subscription to the award-winning ESPN The Magazine.

“College sports fans are passionate,” said David Geaslen, director, Scouts ESPN.

“The agreements with these three sites will enrich our already robust college sports content at and allow us the opportunity to draw from writers who are experts on each of these schools and their athletic programs.”

The affiliation will mean that, and will provide content for their respective team pages at In return, these fan sites will be able to syndicate content and video presented on that relates to their schools.

The staff at each site will continue to own and operate their sites independently.

Links to fan site content will also be featured contextually within content.