FOX Sports ‘Goes Green’ for MLB All-Star Game 2007 Broadcast

environmental protection and conservation initiatives build steam across the
United States, two leading green-minded companies FOX Sports and EV Rental Cars
have formed a unique business alliance which supports each company’s
environmentally-friendly corporate goals. FOX Sports, who will serve as the
national televising entity broadcasting the 78th MLB All-Star Game on July 10,
has called upon hybrid rental car company, EV Rental Cars, to help implement a
company-wide initiative to “go green” this year. Through the forward-thinking
agreement, EV Rental Cars will make approximately 30 environmental vehicles
available to FOX Sports broadcast and technical professionals visiting the Bay
Area for the highly-anticipated game.

groundbreaking partnership speaks to both companies’ progressive stances on
preserving natural resources, protecting the environment and preventing
unnecessary pollution.

EV Rental
Cars Provides a Vehicle for Change

“It has
long been part of EV Rental Cars’ mission to educate the public and raise
awareness for the benefits of driving clean-fuel cars,” said EV Rental Cars
Chairman Jeff Pink. “Our newly-established alliance with FOX Sports and debut
venture supporting their national television broadcast of the MLB 2007 All-Star
Game will pave the way toward greater public understanding of hybrid vehicles
and their vital benefits to our environment.”

FOX Sports
Drives Trend

FOX Sports
employees will drive EV Rental Car hybrid vehicles including the Ford Escape,
Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid models. The
half-electric and half-gasoline powered vehicles are each equipped with
integrated charging systems, precluding them from having to be recharged from
an outside source. The Toyota Prius has the ability to drive nearly 50 miles on
a single gallon of gasoline and has a range of about 600 miles per tank; and in

the hybrid Honda Civic and Toyota Prius both qualify for travel in the carpool
lane, even when the driver is the only occupant.

“EV Rental
Cars was a natural partner for FOX Sports,” said Jerry Steinberg, SVP of
Field & Technical Operations, FOX Sports. “Driving hybrid vehicles falls in
line with our company’s environmental initiatives, and we wholeheartedly
support EV Rental Cars in their efforts to share the experience of driving ‘green’
with those renting vehicles across the