Verizon Wireless Ready for Grand Slam at Baseball’s Mid-Season Classic

baseball’s mid-season classic right around the corner, Verizon Wireless has
fine-tuned its network in

Francisco to handle additional wireless call volume
during Tuesday’s big game. Thousands of baseball fans, sports news media and
others on the Verizon Wireless network who flock to the City by the Bay can
rest assured that they will be able to talk and text to friends and fans back
home about the festivities leading up to and including the big event.

Wireless has enhanced network capacity on key cell sites around the city and
downtown stadium to boost calling capacity by 40 percent. The installations
will enable more Verizon Wireless customers to make calls, send and receive
text and picture messages, and download music, games and Ringtones

of the main reasons customers choose Verizon Wireless and stay with us is
because we offer the nation’s most reliable wireless voice and data
network,” said Rich Garwood, president — Northern California and

Nevada region for
Verizon Wireless. “We are committed to ensuring that our network stands up
to its excellent reputation for everyday use and during major events like

leading up to Tuesday night’s game, Verizon Wireless has dispatched its
real-life, California-based test men and women to drive throughout downtown San
Francisco, testing the performance of the company’s network, making sure its
customers’ experience is as good as or better than they have come to expect
from Verizon Wireless.