Coda Octopus Real Time 3D Sonar to Scan San Francisco Bay as Part of All-Star Game Security

Octopus Group, Inc., a world leader in underwater terrorism prevention, announced
that it has been invited by the San Francisco Police Department to scan the
underwater area adjacent to
Park in

CA, as
part of the anti-terrorism security effort for baseball’s All-Star game today.

to Sergeant Danny Lopez, Officer in Charge of the Marine Patrol Unit of the San
Francisco Police, “Threats deployed underwater are typically extremely
difficult to detect, but the next generation of underwater surveillance
technology is now demonstrating its unique capabilities in this environment. The
Coda Echoscope operates in zero visibility and provides underwater 3D images
in real time, giving us the ability to scrutinize the bay wall and the waters
adjacent to the ball park.”

Octopus is deploying the Coda Echoscope and the Octopus F190 motion sensing
system alongside a surface video and infrared camera unit to sweep the waters
and jetties surrounding


Park, including McCovey’s
cove, where fans traditionally spend time in small boats in the hope of
catching a prodigious home run. Data will be used real time to identify
potential threats whilst also being stored for reference as base line survey in
future bay area underwater security operations.

“The Coda
Echoscope is the best way to see under the water in high-resolution images in
real time,” commented Jason Reid, Coda Octopus President and CEO. “The
Department of Homeland Security has identified the underwater threat from
explosives and other disruptive devices, as a top anti-terrorism concern, and
the FBI recently warned scuba shops to show vigilence in their operations. By
providing continuous scans of an underwater area, which would likely otherwise
have to be searched by divers and in a non-continuous fashion, Coda Echoscope
creates the first subsea ‘security snapshot’ that can be used to ensure the
safety of our nation’s ports below the waterline – where almost anything could

Company stated that the Coda Echoscope has already been used by international
law enforcement agencies, the Department of Defense, and in a variety of
commercial applications including mapping oil and gas hurricane damaged
platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and for dredge monitoring and cable laying
purposes in a busy industrial harbor in
Southeast Asia.