Fans post online their All-Star Game experiences with Slingbox

By Andrew

Media, the creators of the Slingbox, the electronics device that lets users
view sports content from anywhere in the world is running a promotion through
July 21st that gives fans the chance to post their Sling experience of the 2007
All-Star game. The first 75 fans to post a video receive a Slingbox
“Classic” autographed by National League All-Star team manager, Tony
La Russa.

enables viewers to watch home television wherever they are,” said Brian Jaquet,
Sling Media director of public relations.

Fans viewing the All-Star Game using SlingBox upload
videos of their experience to public sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and
MySpace, and then send Sling Media a link to the upload. Sling will direct
fans to these various public sites. They are not collecting the videos at the moment
but they potentially might create a repository for the various videos that have
come their way.

The videos
have an array of special categories that enables fans to explore their creative

Fans videos include fans showing
the 2007 All-Star game slinging to a device. Fans show themselves slinging the
All-Star game either to their mobile phone, laptop or PC.

“Many fans
already know how to upload video, so it is easy to do,” said Jaquet.

Fans can also create videos that use
drawings, animations and their own singing talents to describe why SlingBox is
the right choice to watch games outside the home. “The contest creates a nice
buzz for our customers.”

Some leagues and broadcasters are still
concerned that Slingbox violates TV and Web Streaming rights however a recent
deal with the NHL states otherwise. “The idea is to make some videos and have a
little fun,” said Jaquet.

Sling Media
will also be outside


Park, shooting videos as
fans join the festivities.

Sling Media has also made a
donation to Tony La Russa’s charity ARF.