ABC-TV Chooses Graham-Patten D/ESAM 8000 Mixers

Group, Inc. reports that three Graham-Patten D/ESAM 8000 Digital Edit Suite
Audio Mixers are now part of the HD operation at the ABC-TV headquarters in

New York City. In
1998, ABC-TV built their first two HD edit control rooms. During the day,
the rooms were used to edit and create HD content. Then in the evening
the rooms changed function, and became on-air control rooms.

Now the
D/ESAM 8000 is part of those rooms, used with the Editware editing control
system and a Ross Synergy production switcher. ABC-TV required a custom
interface to allow the mixers to meet the needs of on-air usage. The
interface allows the Ross Synergy to control the D/ESAM 8000s in the on-air

While the
rooms are primarily for creating and editing content, they can still be used as
on-air broadcast control rooms – and a D/ESAM mixer was part of the on-air HD
version broadcast of the Memorial Day 2007 Indy 500 race.

pleased that ABC chose the D/ESAM 8000 for the HD edit bays,” said ISIS Group
President Len Dole. “The D/ESAM technology is ideal for linear editing, which
is often the fastest way to get on-air. That is why the D/ESAM 8000 is
used by major broadcasters around the world at sporting events, including the
Olympics and the U.S. Super Bowl.”