Indiana and Purdue Coaches Support the Big Ten Network

Big Ten
Conference Commissioner Jim Delany and Big Ten Network President Mark Silverman
were joined by Indiana University Football Coach Bill Lynch and Purdue
University Women’s Volleyball Coach Dave Shondell today to support the launch
of the Big Ten Network and discuss its importance to

citizens, to

Indiana and


and to Big Ten fans across the country.

“I am
really looking forward to the upcoming season for a number of reasons. One
reason is this is the first year our games will be broadcast on the Big Ten
Network, so our fans will be able to see the Hoosiers anytime and
anywhere,” Lynch said.

Aug. 30, the Big Ten Network is the nation’s first major college sports network
in the country dedicated to showcasing Big Ten athletics. This season, it will
feature more than 35 football games, more than 105 men’s basketball games and
more than 55 women’s basketball games, with most in high- definition (HD). In
addition to its 24-hour standard and HD channels, the Big Ten Network will also
offer distributors a dynamic video-on-demand programming service and a rich
broadband video package for their high-speed Internet customers, all for a fee
in the eight-state Big Ten region that is one-third the cost of most regional
sports networks.

The Big
Ten Network will also air more women’s sports than ever before. The network has
committed to airing an equal number of men and women’s events across all
platforms within three years.

the Big Ten Network is doing is historic,” Purdue’s Shondell said.
“For the first time women’s sports will be featured side-by-side with the
men’s teams and have a place to call home. In addition, the Big Ten Network is
giving all of our sports and student-athletes more exposure, which will in turn
help us attract better athletes for every sport.”

network officially launches in prime time at 7 p.m. Central on Thursday, Aug.
30th, with the evening also marking the inaugural telecast of Big Ten Tonight,
the network’s signature studio-based news, information and highlight show. The
official launch comes two days before the kick-off of the 2007 Big Ten college
football season.

Big Ten Network is a great opportunity for both


University and


University because games will be
broadcast not only across the state and the

but nationally. From athletic competition to scholastic achievement, to the
institutional values of our universities, the Big Ten Network is committed to
highlighting the very best of

Indiana and the

Midwest,” Silverman said.

addition to football and basketball, the Big Ten Network will show more than
170 other NCAA championship sporting events, a nightly studio show and weekly
coaches’ shows and behind-the-scenes profiles of athletes, faculty and alumni.
But the value of the Big Ten resonates beyond the athletic fields.

Big Ten is more than a series of isolated athletic events,” Delany said.
“It’s a collection of premier institutions whose devotion to excellence
unites this entire region. The Big Ten Network is the first network of its kind
and its programming will positively enhance the traditions and culture that Big
Ten alumni and sports fans around the country have honored for years.”

network will feature more than 600 hours of programming produced by the Big Ten
member universities and their students, showcasing academic breakthroughs,
honored alumni and current students, renowned faculty, and the academic rigor
of some of the nation’s most prestigious medical, law, liberal arts and other
professional programs. The universities will have the opportunity to showcase
content that best represents their campus achievements and way of life.

With more
than 75 deals signed with cable operators in the eight Big Ten states, the
network is working hard to ensure its broad distribution throughout the Midwest
to realize the greatest academic, entertainment and economic benefits for the
entire Big Ten region. Silverman said the agreements, all of which call for the
network to be carried on the expanded basic level of service, indicate the
network’s broad appeal. “As we continue discussions with the largest
national cable system operators, we are pleased to know that so many of these
Midwestern communities will have the network available to them on expanded
basic,” he said.