TDS Acquires Wisconsin Sports Network

Telecommunications Corp. (TDS) announces its acquisition of Wisconsin Sports
Network (WSN), the Wisconsin Hoops Network LLC, the high school sports online and
print publisher in


WSN publishes three websites,, and,
in addition to print publications, Wisconsin Preps Illustrated, Wisconsin
Basketball Yearbook, and the Wisconsin Gridiron Guide. The employees of
WSN will remain on board and continue to run the business independently.

WSN offers
in-depth sports reports on football and basketball in each conference
including: team standings, scores, article links, and statistics.
Visitors can also see video highlights, rankings, computer ratings and original
articles making it one of the most popular websites in the state. WSN online
and print publications are highly popular with local and national advertisers
since they reach a highly targeted audience. WSN generates 80 million page
views annually with 67,000 unique monthly visitors. WSN consistently
ranks higher in online traffic than almost any other Wisconsin-based site.

amount of daily Internet traffic to the sites is astronomical and growing every
day. TDS will provide WSN the scale we need to improve and grow our sports
programming, advertising inventory, and print publications,” stated Nicholas
Kartos, president of WSN. “We wanted to work with a solid, Wisconsin-based
technology company with a national presence. We will utilize their Internet
expertise and technological resources to build upon our successful business

With more
than 85,000 student athletes participating in Wisconsin high school athletics
every year, the multitudes of fans, athletes and coaches add up to a large base
of customers to connect with every day. Cooperation from local coaches,
athletic directors and student athletes helps WSN staffers to feed the site
with relevant and timely information. WSN focuses on high school football and
boys and girls basketball, but they are planning to expand their reach to cover
all WIAA sanctioned sports.

“TDS wants
to add value to the Internet experience. WSN has it all for prep sports
coaches, fans and athletes,” adds Tab Noble, vice president of Content
Development for TDS. “There isn’t a better high school sports resource than WSN
and they have a lot of Internet traffic and experience to prove it.”