Dartfish Performance Technology Workshop slated for Sept. 21-23

By Dan Latzman

The third Dartfish Performance Technology Workshop will be held from September 21-23 at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center. In conjunction with the United States Olympic Committee, a wide range of coaches, from college to professional sports all around the world, will meet again in upstate

New York for the highly successful and innovative video analysis workshop. The coaches come to receive hands-on training to learn the correct and most effective ways to utilize the Dartfish video training technology.

Victor Bergonzoli, the CEO of Dartfish, says in the most recent Olympic Games at Torrino, 92% of the North American medalists used Dartfish for training. “Our software runs in seven different languages and has great wordwide support,” he says.

Coaches who attend the training at
Lake Placid gain more than just familiarity with the Dartfish technology. It also serves as a great networking opportunity for coaches from different levels to work together and drive to take coaching to a new level.

Bergonzoli says the company began in

Switzerland and was focused on skiing. We began the company on the basis that eventually no one would be able to coach on any level without video analysis, he adds.

In their previous workshops, Dartfish had a wide range of attendees, spanning professional leagues, the Army, several collegiate coaches from different divisions, and coaches from high schools. The company currently has over 40,000 users worldwide, making it tops in the industry.

A lot of coaches still aren t convinced that the technology works, Bergonzoli adds. But 10 years from now, no coach at any level will be without video analysis integrated into their coaching. Dartfish will play an important role in all sports training.