Uganda Land Sponsorship Deal

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) announced a US$5m five-year
sponsorship deal with Gateway TV, a new pay television in

The deal
is said to be the biggest in the country’s football and the latest development
is set to revive the country’s league which has failed to secure a sponsor for
the past two years.

As part of
the deal, Gateway TV will own media and commercial rights to the Uganda Super
League, Uganda Kakangulu Cup and the country’s national teams.

sponsorship also includes an annual cash contribution.

believes that the same growth in live football that pay TV has driven elsewhere
on the world is also possible in

Uganda,” Lawrence Mulindwa, Fufa
president was quoted as saying on BBC Sport.

matches will now be broadcast both
within the country and elsewhere.

regional teams will get support from the deal through a development fund to be
set up by the Uganda Football Association while playing conditions and the
country’s stadia is also set to be upgraded.