MLB Network Taps Miranda and NVision for HD facility

Network, Major League Baseball

s 24-hour cable network, which is
set to launch on January 1, 2009, has ordered a Miranda Technologies Kaleido-X
multi-image display system and an NVISION NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital
Multi-Format Router to build a large-scale, highly integrated multi-image
display and routing system for its new full HD Secaucus facility in
New Jersey.
With the
new system, the MLB Network will be able to monitor over 500 video inputs over
more than 60 high quality multi-image display outputs. The multi-viewer/router
integration offers unsurpassed signal flexibility, with the ability to display
signals freely across multiple displays, without restrictions on signal
position, repetition, format or aspect ratio.
monitoring displays will be installed in a number of areas at the new facility,
including the Master Control, QC, and ingest rooms, as well as two large
production control rooms.

We’ ll be
handling many more signals than people might think, in all flavors and formats,” explains Mark Haden, Vice-President Engineering and IT, at MLB

With a vast
number and range of signals to manage, we needed a large, reliable monitoring
system that could be easily configured,”
said Haden.

The Kaleido-X’s
on-screen mouse operation and powerful layout software allows direct
source assignment from the NVISION router. Our operators will quickly be able
to assign any source to any destination on the monitor wall. What

s more, by recalling a layout, the router will be instantly

combined multiviewer/router system offers resiliency, with no
single point of failure and true cross-point redundancy. The Kaleido-X
multi-image processor features an auto-recovery capability that automatically
configures new cards loaded in a frame from other installed cards.
benefits to this tightly integrated multi-image display/router include
dynamically updated UMDs using the router source labels, as well as reduced
cabling and easier installation due to more streamlined hardware.
With a
range of expansion options, the NVISION NV8576 router and Miranda Kaleido-X
multi-viewer enables highly reliable routing of up to 1152 video inputs and 128
multi-image display outputs, without impacting the signal flexibility or