Avid Amps Up Unity ISIS Storage; Supports Up to 330 Clients, 384 TB of Storage

Avid today rolled out a version of Avid Unity ISIS 2.0 that offers up to 384 TB of storage, can scale up to 330 real-time clients with full system monitoring and 10 GigE connections, and can be used with third-party editing applications like Apple Final Cut Pro.

The company says customers will be able to reduce administrative costs associated with maintaining multiple storage systems and increase productivity by extending the collaborative capabilities of the Avid Unity ISIS system to all staff involved in the production process.

Avid Unity ISIS is a blade-based storage subsystem that features intelligent dual-drive storage elements, integrated Ethernet switching, and redundant power and cooling. The system also automatically adapts to component failures and replacements without delay and provides uninterrupted availability and performance, allowing customers in high-pressure broadcast, film or postproduction environments to work free of downtime, saving time and money.

The 10-GBps Ethernet client supports resolutions up to uncompressed HD and 2K, made possible by performance of up to 400 MBps per ISIS Engine, scaling to maximum performance across 12 engines of 4.8 GBps or a total of 32 streams of uncompressed HD or 240 streams of compressed HD. In addition, increasing total capacity of the system to 384 TB (maximum capacity) or 196 TB (when fully mirrored) of space, with full system monitoring enables customers to store up to 300 hours of uncompressed HD or 6300 hours of 50-MBps compressed HD.

The company says the system’s seven layers of protection ensures that every piece of data and component has a backup, unlike traditional RAID systems that may require immediate user intervention when a failure occurs and can consume 50% or more of a system’s performance during the rebuild process.
“Downtime is not an option for post facilities and broadcasters in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments,” says Patrick McLean, director of product marketing at Avid. “Avid Unity ISIS 2.0 sets a new standard for Avid production environments as the only solution on the market to offer the trifecta of guaranteed real-time performance, scalability, and high availability — which are vital to media organizations operating in mission-critical environments. They can’t take risks on solutions that fail mid broadcast or slow down the creative process on a project because it can only handle a limited amount of simultaneous users, which translates to lost money and lost productivity. Our customers can’t afford to miss a beat, and we are making sure that doesn’t happen.”