EVS Offers Native Support of Panasonic DVCPRO HD Codec

EVS Broadcast Equipment’s XT[2] and XS production servers will natively support Panasonic’s DVCPRO HD codec, ensuring the popular codec is supported by all of EVS’ functional product line, including the IPDirector (including the software player), SpotBox, MulticamLSM, CleanEdit, XFile, as well as Insio, its latest multi-camera ingest software for studio.

EVS has already announced native compatibility with many popular codecs, and offers total integration with Avid MediaComposer, Apple Final Cut Pro and all other popular editing tools on the market.

DVCPRO HD file transfers up to four times faster than real-time, and now EVS’ native compatibility with the codec allows for even further speed, as this integration allows users to avoid transcoding processes and maintain the highest possible quality throughout the production chain.

“EVS has always been committed to providing broadcasters with better speed and efficiency,” says Pierre L’Hoest, CEO of EVS Broadcast Equipment, “and we are constantly developing our systems based on our clients’ demands. DVCPRO HD is definitely a favorite codec amongst broadcasters, due to its speed and quality, and many of them have been anticipating this upgrade for a long time.”

Mr. Tadao Shimozuru, Director of Professional AV Systems B.U. / Panasonic Corporation, agreed. “We are glad to provide our customers with further convenience in their work. We have been partners with EVS for several years, and it is safe to say that this latest integration will be met with plenty of enthusiasm in the broadcast production world.”

The native support will be completely compatible with all XT[2] and XS servers already in use, and will be available through a software update. The official release date for this software upgrade is expected to be at the end of 2009.