Production, Post United With AJA Ki Pro Portable

By Carl Lindemann

At the 2009 NAB Show, AJA upped the ante in streamlining workflows with the Ki Pro Portable digital disk recorder. According to AJA Video President Nick Rashby, the new unit bridges acquisition to editing and becomes the hub to the all-digital workflow.

“The Ki Pro takes you from lens to post workflow in an extremely small package with high quality 4:2:2 10-bit video,” Rashby said.

The lightweight tapeless video device records files to the Apple ProRes 422 codec directly from the camera and then is immediately available to edit within Apple’s Final Cut Studio. Camera manufacturers Arri, Canon, and Red have given thumbs-up to this solution to interface and conversion headaches.

The Ki Pro Portable stores to a removable storage module with built in FireWire 800 or to 34mm ExpressCard Flash cards. Accessories include an “exoskeleton” that wraps around the unit to link with any camera to a tripod and also to industry-standard rod systems. With this, any camera — consumer, prosumer or professional — can be transformed into all-digital acquisition. The ample I/O takes it the last lap for end-to-end digital workflow.

“There’s tons of connectivity options from HD/SD SDI to HDMI. It’s densely packed with anything you’ll need on the set,” said Rashby.

The built-in interface, reminiscent of a traditional deck, is designed to be intuitive and obvious. An embedded Web server offers a control interface as Web page that makes the Ki Pro remote-controllable from any computer. Apple aficionados can also operate it with an iPhone or iPod Touch via the WiFi interface.

Rashby expects that the Ki Pro will become an international phenom and is soon launching an worldwide, whirlwind tour for it sweeping through 23 cities in 15 countries over the next four weeks. It will be available in June for $3,995 with 250 GB storage.