to Relaunch Tuesday

ESPN will launch a redesigned Tuesday, with Ford serving as the charter advertiser for the Spanish-language Website’s relaunch.

The site’s new personalization tools will allow users in the United States to set their news and content preferences (favorite teams, players, sports) and customize their homepage. will also offer an enhanced universal navigation “header” to provide a common navigation across various sports sections.

The site’s new HD, wide-screen (16:9) video player will showcase ESPN programming, highlights, and news. And its new search capabilities will enable users to search and find news, programming, and highlights on specific teams, players, programs, writers, commentators, and more. also developed new Spanish-language social-media tools and platforms under its ESPN Nación banner, including: Perfil del Fan, in which users can upload individual profiles that, in turn, will be integrated across; Chat Calendar, a running schedule of upcoming chats; and more interactive polls with a map of the hemisphere depicting how users voted by country.

Other enhancements include: newly enhanced real-time scoreboard Resultados, running across the middle of the homepage; Opiniones, the home for more than 100 columnists and bloggers; Greatest Soccer Team of All Time, which will allow fans to choose their dream team of players and share with friends; and new fantasy games for Juegos de Fantasía including a relaunch of soccer games, Streak for the Cash (coming soon), and other pick ‘em contests.