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Sony's Vision of the 3-D World

GadgetCrave is reporting that Sony is giving us a taste of the 3-D future, or at least the future as Sony imagines it. Their new gadget has a 360-degree viewing angle and requires no special glasses to see the 3-D image. The 24-bit color is rich, but the imagery is tiny, measuring 96 x 128 pixes. The entire device is a mere 5.1 inches long by 10.6 inches tall. You’d think the idea is to gradually expand the technology’s size, making it viable for entertainment, but for now Sony says it’s just focusing using this for digital signage, event displays and digital picture frames.

You can see the strange looking device and read more at http://gadgetcrave.com/sonys-360-degree-3d-looks-cool-is-tiny/3945/