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HPA Tech Retreat Goodies

There have been many additions to the program of the HPA Tech Retreat, which starts on February 16, from Alien Planet director Pierre de Lespinois to Rubber Duck Media Lab president Paul Childers to NBC Universal vp of technology policy Greg DePriest.  There are too many to list here, so check the online program at the HPA site (and even that might take a while to update):

There will be the usual trivial quiz prizes, but the door prizes this year, wrangled by Pete Putman of ROAM Consulting, top all previous years, and they’re still coming in.  Someone will take home a JVC Everio HD camcorder.  Someone else will get a Vivitek 1080p projector.  Three participants will leave with Eviant T7 portable digital TV sets.  Someone will get a Hauppauge WinTV 950 USB-stick DTV receiver.  There are also a Radiient Repeat-6 HDMI distribution amplifier, a MediaGate home-network HD media player, RCA and AV Tools antennas, and GE digital-TV receivers.

The only requirement is being there.