Today’s Special

BKSTS announces the formation of a new Working Group to develop the next generation of its famous Technology Wall Charts

By Michael Silbergleid

Over many years, the British Kinematograph, Sound & Television Society has gained respect for the variety of Technical Wall Charts it has produced. These Wall Charts are to be found in a wide variety of establishments, working both as peer reviewed reference sources, and fascinating decoration. Topics covered range from the processes of Digital Intermediate, through Television Aspect Ratios, to Film Handling for Projectionists.

Now a new generation of Wall Charts are to be produced, and the Society is seeking qualified and experienced people from the Media Industries to assist in the development of these new charts.

Roland Brown, President of the BKSTS, expressed his delight that this new initiative was under way. “The BKSTS Wall Charts are probably the most widely recognised part of what the Society does – I’ve come across them on walls from Soho to Burbank – and they represent the core of what the BKSTS is all about – to educate and inform. I’m so very pleased that we are going to be able to produce a new series, on topics of importance to the industry today”.

A Wall Chart Development Group is being established, and the BKSTS welcomes approaches from suitable individuals who can give their time to establishing the content of the new Wall Charts. Several Sponsor companies have already indicated their willingness to assist with other costs such as graphic design and printing, although more are sought.

The new topics currently planned to be covered are:

Surround Sound for the Cinema

Surround Sound for Television

Digital Cinema

3D for the Cinema

3D for Television

Loudness for Television

The aim of each Wall Chart is to present an overview of the topic in graphic form, but with enough detail to provide a good understanding of the inner workings of the subject. Although the Wall Charts are sponsored by manufacturers, they contain only unbiased information about the subject, and the sponsors have no influence over that content. All content is peer reviewed for accuracy, so that the information provided is always the best that can be made available.

Anyone interested in participating in the Wall Chart Development Group is asked to initially contact Roland Brown (