Live From NAB: Telecast Fiber Systems’ Latest Fiber-Optic Systems Score for Sports

For outside-broadcast companies requiring rapid deployment of communication systems over long distances, Telecast Fiber is now shipping the TR6442i CommLink fiber-optic transceiver system. Introduced at IBC last year, it is designed to carry two intercom channels over a single strand of fiber spanning distances of more than 40 km. NBC Sports beta-tested the CommLink during Sunday Night Football and the Super Bowl last season and has already purchased several systems.

“With the explosion in high-definition TV production, fiber has become indispensable for all types of productions because of its light weight and ability to transport high-quality signals without any degradation. Now producers are looking for fiber solutions that support equipment — such as cameras, microphones, and intercom systems — which are already in place in the operation,” says Steve DeFrancesco, VP/GM of Telecast Fiber Systems. “We designed the CommLink to fill the gap between the use of short-range copper cables and our high-end Adder II system.”

Telecast Fiber is also launching the brand-new Cobra 2DT, a fiber-optic camera interface for Sony’s new digital HD triaxial camera chains. As the latest addition to Telecast Fiber Systems’ Cobra line of triax-to-fiber camera-extension systems, the Cobra 2DT gives users of Sony HXC-100K and HSC-300K cameras powerful, distance-spanning fiber-optic connectivity for the link between the camera and its camera-control unit (CCU).

“We’ve had Cobras for years, but this is a brand-new model that’s made specifically for the digital triax camera,” says DeFrancesco. “It converts triax to fiber, and then you can go long distance; we’ve tested it up to 40 km. We expect this to be popular with collegiate sports events, as well as the smaller trucks.”

Telecast Fiber VP/GM Steve DeFrancesco shows off Terrapin FTR-D6 video transceiver.

Rounding out Telecast Fiber’s offerings is the Terrapin FTR-D6, a 3-Gbps fiber-optic video transceiver that also incorporates a six-output distribution amplifier. With four modes of operation, the Terrapin is a compact, bidirectional throw-down device for distributing an HD video signal to several locations within a large venue.

“From our perspective, we continue to see transition to a 3-gig infrastructure,” says DeFrancesco. “Especially outside the U.S., there’s still a lot of upgrade from standard definition to high definition. And then of course this year, the Olympics and the elections are good for us as well.”