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People Hate 3D...Except When They Love It

Commentary by Michael Silbergleid

According to the pundits, 3D is dead. According to the box office, it isn’t. Maybe it just takes a good movie shown in 3D (not one even shot in 3D) for people to love 3D.

While a bad movie is bad in 2D and 3D (something the pundits seem to blame on 3D and not the script, acting, directing, editing, etc.), a phenomenal movie in 3D can shatter box office records. Case in point:

Variety: “Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Soars With Record $55 Million October Launch”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Soars, Sets October Record With $55.8 Million Debut”

Remember Avatar? I’m sure that James Cameron saw these headlines as well. That’s going to put pressure on him to make sure that Avatar 2 is even better, especially the 3D.

This from Variety: “The overall three-day domestic gross for “Gravity,” boosted by a whopping 80% from 3D, eclipsed the month’s previous record holder, “Paranormal Acitvity 3,” which earned $52.6 million in 2011. (Interestingly, the 3D share was less overseas, at 70%.)”

And for the 3D purists, this from Wikipedia: “The majority of the 3D was created through stereo rendering the CG at Framestore with the rest post converted, principally at Prime Focus, London with additional conversion work by Framestore.