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Can Gravity Pave the Way for a New Type of Cinema?

From flickeringmyth.com:

Commenting on the Critics with Simon Columb…
Mark Kermode, on Tuesday 5th November 2013, revealed on his Uncut Blog:

Gravity … is worth seeing … in 3D. That’s all. Thank you.”

Watch the video in full on his site here.

Wittertainment listeners and fans will see this moment as ground-breaking. Mark Kermode has rallied against 3D for years and, though appreciating the purpose in rare cases, he argues it is a temporary fad. His war against 3D even reached fever-pitch whereby a friend created anti-3D glasses for him – that ‘corrected’ the 3D-ness so it could be enjoyed in 2D. But, as I experienced last night – and Mark Kermode himself has agreed – Gravity is something else.

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