Today’s Special

Eyes-on with Sharp's Reality-like, Glasses-free 8K 3D TV reports that 4K TVs are everywhere at CES. 2014 is supposed to be the year 4K explodes — seriously. But who needs or even wants 4K when Sharp’s 8K TV is sixteen times sharper than HD? This year’s upgrade: glasses-free 3D that makes 3D look stupendous.

Every year since 2012, Sharp trots out its 8K TV and installs it at its CES booth. Like flies to a zap trap, swarms of attendees always stop to stare — for long periods of time — at the massive 85-inch 8K TV. It’s impossible not to get lost in its 7,680 x 4,320 resolution screen. Looking at its picture is literally like looking at real life — only it’s isn’t; just really sharp video with incredible detail.