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Here's When 3D Movies Work, When They Don't, And What The Future Holds

BusinessInsider.com reports asks: Is 3D movie technology a money-making gimmick or a true innovation? The answer is a little of both. Some movies use the technology to create more wonderfully immersive scenes, but others do little with the technology or even make a movie worse.

Given the hit-or-miss nature of 3D and the steep cost of a ticket (adding $4 to an already expensive $14.50 New York City movie), I’ve learned to look up 3D evaluations like the ones put out by Cinema Blend. Just recently, Cinema Blend’s Kristy Puchko warned me in time that the 3D version of the otherwise excellent “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is a dizzying waste of money.

For further insight into when 3D is effective and where the technology is going, I emailed Sean O’Connell, Movie Content Director for Cinema Blend. My questions and his responses are below: