Fighter-Jet Pilots With 3-D Audio Cut Chatter to Find Threats reports that Terma A/S, a supplier of parts for the tail of the F-35 fighter jet, wants a bigger place in the cockpit — inside the pilot’s head.

The Danish manufacturer has developed a noise-filtering headset that separates the “cocktail party buzz” of chatter, so a pilot doesn’t feel like dozens of people are talking at the same time, from the same point. Terma’s so-called 3-D audio technology is used by the Royal Danish Air Force’s F-16 pilots, and has attracted interest from companies including BAE Systems Plc, Europe’s largest weapons maker.

“You’re basically losing a sense when you step into the cockpit” and put on a traditional headset, Michael Houmann Tandrup, director of airborne applications, said in an interview this week at the Farnborough Air Show near London. “We are giving that capability back to you.”