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From Football Field to Battlefield: A Futuristic 1950s Vision of TV

A piece at begins:

As TV technology stormed into American homes during the early 1950s, more and more people started to ask, why don’t we use this stuff on the battlefield? They imagined a world where commanders could remotely monitor the activity of troops on the ground — maybe even from halfway around the world.

The January 1952 issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine featured an article written by Colonel Robert Hertzberg and illustrated by Frank Tinsley that envisioned just such a future. The always fantastic Modern Mechanix blog has a copy of the article.

The piece was titled “Why Don’t We Have Battlevision?” and presented a future that was for the time, still pretty sci-fi. “Tomorrow’s generals may be able to tune in on the battlefield courtesy of television, relayed to headquarters by battle-going TV Seeing Eyes.”