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Internet not yet killing free-to-air television, Deloitte says

Yahoo’s Australian news service reports that video might have killed the radio star according to the pop hit from the 1980s, but is the internet killing traditional free to air television?

Not just yet according to advisory firm Deloitte, which says talk about the death or slow demise of TV is being exaggerated.

Its annual crystal ball on the state of media and technology said the total time viewers spend watching video online through services like YouTube represents less than 3 per cent of all the video viewed globally.

That compares to a staggering 360 billion hours of video watched around the world every month either live on TV sets in family living rooms, or on “catch-up” services such as the ABC’s iView.

Deloitte’s media partner Clare Harding said despite the growing popularity of online, it is not about to usurp traditional television.

“One of the important things here is to distinguish between views and viewers,” Ms Harding told the ABC’s AM program.

“Online views are very short and we’re seeing about 10 billion hours of video content viewed on the web a month, but what we’re seeing in terms of viewers on television, it’s 360 billion hours of long form video content globally consumer per month.”