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First planetarium in the UK to go 3D / UHD

EandT.TheIET.org reports that visitors will soon be able to enjoy the UK’s first digital 3D planetarium in Bristol after a major revamp.

The upgrade will include the installation of a 360 degrees digital 3D projection system. It will use dynamic 3D technology, with shows projected in ultra-high-definition (UHD) from two devices, and a 7.1 surround sound.

The aim is to create an immersive experience for those visiting the planetarium by featuring a range of presenter-led seasonal stargazing shows, as well as a Space Explorer (2D) offering for children. They will be able to ‘fly’ through the rings of Saturn and see the Solar System from their seats.

Read more at http://eandt.theiet.org/news/2015/feb/3d-planetarium-uk.cfm