Today’s Special

James Cameron Wants Glasses-Free 3D For The ‘Avatar’ Sequels (as well as pretty much everyone else on the internet) reports that they’ve heard about James Cameron wanting to shoot in high frame rates before, and there was even discussion about James Cameron shooting in 120 frames per second. However, at the time he was only considering the option and hadn’t yet made a decision. Now that Ang Lee has shot Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk in the format, it won’t be quite as innovative. However, since there’s been more criticism regarding the HFR format, maybe it won’t happen. Of course, James Cameron could be the filmmaker who helps perfect it to make it more palatable to audiences.

The bigger surprise is Cameron making a push for glasses-free 3D. I’m not even sure how a technological innovation like that would work, but if there’s a filmmaker who could pull it off, it would be James Cameron.